Our answers to frequently asked questions from educators & hosts.
We rely on our volunteer educators and classroom hosts to deliver our custom curricula, and we aim for the process to run smooth and inspire learning!

To do so, we act as your resource, and work to field your questions. We've compiled answers to common questions here. Please read through this list to see if your inquiry is addressed.

Who does your programming serve?

We serve all in grades K-12 and beyond, and within this range we proactively prioritize the low-to-moderate-income learners.

Can I teach your curriculum myself?

We partner with industry professionals whom we train as presenters, so we've got you covered. One exception: Footings, for grades K-2, is taught by students' classroom teachers.

How much of your industry volunteers' experience is included in what they're presenting?

We train our volunteers to follow the 80/20 rule: Use 80% of our material provided during a session, and use 20% of the time to introduce yourself, reflect on your industry career, and offer your experience as it relates to the curriculum.

Is there a way to pair a volunteer with the demographic of my class?

Yes, our volunteer database captures demographics about the volunteers themselves in order to fulfill specific teaching requests. These include: Spanish-speaking; experience working with refugees; and experience working with the formerly incarcerated.

Can I modify the length of the classes to fit the needs of my students/participants?

Yes, our programming has the option of being split into different time sessions, and presentations are scheduled to fit each teacher's needs. Certain programs can be presented a la carte as well if a teacher has already covered parts of our curricula.

If there's a disruptive student, what course of action should be taken?

Our presenters aim to keep participants engaged in learning, but if there is a student who creates a distraction, we ask that the host address the person and take appropriate action.

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