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We're working toward a stronger California tomorrow through financial education today. Here's how we do so, and the passion behind our roles.

Joanne Danganan - Market Manager
"I grew up in a household where money was a taboo topic. My parents didn't talk to me or my sisters about it, and when they spoke to each other about it, it was usually a heated conversation. Plus, I went to public school in California, which unfortunately provides no standardized personal finance curriculum to its students. With this compounding lack of knowledge, I was ill equipped to manage money, let alone the tens of thousands of dollars I borrowed in student loans to pay for college. I learned about money management the very hard way, setting me back years in wealth building. My situation is not unique, and it is a deep shame that many people like me aren't given a level playing field from the start when it comes to financial education. There are huge gaps of offerings across the board, where some schools may have full semesters of personal finance and most others are unable to provide even one class period on it. It has become my passion to change that situation and to provide resources to the students we impact."

Joanne equips financial educators and financial literacy advocates with the tools and training necessary to provide financial education to those in their communities who need it most.
"Through our programming and resources, we can change the world one budget at a time."
PM Joanne Danganan
Financial Beginnings California Board Members

Murray Bartho - Stanford University School of Medicine
FBCA Board member

"Many underserved groups do not have access to the financial education crucial to stability throughout life and retirement. Financial Beginnings does a great job making these tips and tricks available to all comers and empowers students to take control of their finances."
Nirav Desai - Qubera Wealth Management
FBCA Board member

"Personal finance is a key lifeskill that doesn't get the attention it deserves. I've seen firsthand how lack of financial literacy can derail someone's future. I'm excited to be part of an organization that helps promote financial literacy."
Brandon Fallon, M.A.
FBCA Board member

"By creating a network of volunteers and partnering with organizations and schools, Financial Beginnings makes it easy to learn about finances among any age group. It is about enabling a more financially capable generation that will pass the knowledge onward."
Scott Hamaguchi - First Tech FCU
FBCA Board member

"Having worked in financial services for more than 20 years, I see the fruits of good habits and damage done by bad ones every day. Unfortunately, finances are rarely discussed at home and financial education is not taught in our schools. Financial Beginnings serves the important role of making this critical information accessible and actionable."
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