2023 Spring Forward Fundraisers Highlights
On April 25 in Los Angeles and on May 9 in Oakland, our amazing community came together to support Financial Beginnings California.

This couldn't have happened without the generosity of Scott Hamaguchi and Emily Zeitman from First Tech Federal Credit Union, Manuela Ramon and Adey Tesfaye from Sterling Bank & Trust, FSB, Leanne Skelly, AWMA from Bay Area Financial Wellness, Erica Luna from Banner Bank, Pedar Bruce and Lynell Bevels from Umpqua Bank; huge thanks to FBCA's board members Scott Hamaguchi, Erica Luna, Nirav Desai, Brandon Fallon, and Murray Bartho for bringing us to the finish line; huge thanks to the Financial Beginnings USA team, especially James Chen and Ronecca Norvell for coming out to the LA edition to inspire; huge thanks to A Place Called Home and Tiffany E. San Jose for allowing us to honor the amazing work you do every single day; huge thanks to our gracious hosts Los Angeles Chinatown Business Council and Understory for providing beautiful settings for our celebrations; and huge thanks to all you generous individuals who donated to this amazing cause.

Northern California
Southern California
Very special thanks to our sponsors for helping make this event possible.