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Investing in Your Community

Everyone should be entitled to financial education.

Yet many individuals lack access to resources that would help them acquire even basic financial knowledge. Where financial education resources do exist, many communities are unaware of the availability.

See how your state compares to others in how well it delivers financial education.

Brookings Institution 2018 Report in FinLit Ed Champlain College 2017 National Report Card

Without financial knowledge, individuals struggle to develop the confidence needed to make financial decisions that are best for them. For many communities, the number of financial missteps they can take is limited.

Launching a Financial Beginnings affiliate in your state will help bring financial education to those in need. Ready-made and tested programming is available for K-12 public school students, first-generation college students, adults in transition, underserved communities, any group that lacks financial education resources.

We have the curricula. We have the nonprofit business model. We have the operational infrastructure to provide support.

We just need your passion, dedication, and feet on the ground to bring Financial Beginnings to your community! Join states like Oregon, Washington, California, and Nebraska that have already established affiliates or are working toward an official launch soon.

Launch your own affiliated nonprofit with our help.

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming affiliate interest calls to learn more about how you can bolster financial education efforts in your state. It's the first step to launching your own financial education nonprofit without starting from scratch. We help set you and your community up for success!


What a Financial Beginnings affiliate launch entails.

The stages of affiliate development.

The roles of individuals involved.

The importance of establishing a founding affiliate team.


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"My credit has gone up 50 points since I took the class and it is all because I am now better informed about what affects my credit score and how to improve it." - Adult Participant